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Kollagen Intensiv Anti Aging Skin Cream Review – Buy Kollagen Intensiv Wrinkle Cream.

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  • Kesha Clutter 6 years ago

    I like the girl’s lipstick

  • Amy McMillan 6 years ago

    KIND of a lot??

  • xCherryBo0m7x 6 years ago

    awww THANK YOU SO MUCH, that seriously means ALOT to me<3. too sweet xoxox

  • Jessika Whitlock 6 years ago

    I just started using the Collagen Booster along with the Truth Creme
    Advanced Hydration moisturizer. They work amazing together for my dry skin!

  • Angelica Terante 6 years ago

    Kit? Or

  • arx21xo 6 years ago

    How much was the sephora set it came in?

  • xCherryBo0m7x 6 years ago

    Thank you sooo much!! (: <3 i know the price sucks !! :(

  • christilfn 6 years ago

    Ole is pronounced ula

  • xCherryBo0m7x 6 years ago

    Youre welcome bestie!! Love you! =) def let me know if you get it!

  • ShaunWhiteismyGinger 6 years ago

    I definitely want to try this now

  • Marta Menezes 6 years ago

    Very good product, but the price.. : ( You looks so gorgeous with this
    makeup, the lipstick is sooo beautiful ! Xx

  • xCherryBo0m7x 6 years ago

    YESS!!! PREVENTION is important! <3

  • xCherryBo0m7x 6 years ago

    It’s SO worth it! :)

  • xCherryBo0m7x 6 years ago

    I linked it up in the info bar (sorry i forget to before!) it was around
    $55 I believe. But I always order from Sephora online and get special
    promos AND free shipping which makes it worth it! :)

  • Pinky Green 6 years ago

    I heard that serum is yellow/orange and stains pillow cases. Is that true?

  • xCherryBo0m7x 6 years ago

    ALL of his products are amazing- so I bet you will!!! Lovee you Girl!!!

  • MakeupByCheryl 6 years ago

    Once I have some extra money, this shall be mine! Thanks for the review! <3

  • xCherryBo0m7x 6 years ago

    oh wow! where do you get that brand?? thank you!!<3

  • Logic Fiasco 6 years ago

    I was planning on getting this.Are you still using it? & is it still
    working for you?

  • Lindsey Marie 6 years ago

    Your best bet is to get this product in a skin care set. You’ll pay around
    50 dollars and get this product plus more. Ole Henrikson skin care is BOMB

  • Amit Kumar 6 years ago

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    their new products to show how good they are. Have you ever seen a skin
    care section set-up in your neighbourhood shopping plaza offering free test
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  • Mymy Flietas 6 years ago

    you’re so adorable. thank you for being beautiful

  • nadinh86 6 years ago

    ahh i want this, sold! well ppl dont know that its better to prevent than
    to treat. :)

  • mamichula8153 6 years ago

    Ahh you totally sold me. Going to check out this line today!! The only
    thing is I have extremely acne prone skin, hopefully I can find something
    that targets my skin type!!!

  • popartjunkie 6 years ago

    I LOVE this serum! I’ve been using it for several years and my face has
    never been brighter!