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  • leila roberts 5 years ago

    I would love to be able to answer all of the hundreds of questions and
    emails I receive every week, but unfortunately I am unable to reply in
    detail to each and every different question. I really want to help ladies
    like you by sharing all of my years of study, research, formulating and
    proven recipes that work.

    So I am now working on creating my own series of Ebooks that I will share
    ALL of my secret recipes on how to make your own complete range of Advanced
    anti aging skin care and Salon secrets.

    You will learn how to recreate some of the most effective and expensive
    skincare on the market, for a fraction of the price.

    The reason these formulas really work is because they contain advanced
    scientifically proven ingredients that are fresh and active!

    I will be sharing with you exactly where I buy my ingredients so you can
    get the best quality ingredients and the very best prices.

    This will include everything I have been working on for the last 5 years
    and all the contacts I have made with the best suppliers all over the
    world. These E-books will also Include links to where I source my Bee
    Venom, Plant growth hormones and many of the other Advanced ingredients
    that are scientifically proven to work.

    Let me know if you would like me to send you a message when the first book
    is published and available for you to get started.
    Thanks and have a great day Leila

  • leila roberts 5 years ago

    I was first inspired to make my own DMAE homemade wrinkle cream after
    reading Dr. Perricone’s book, “The Wrinkle Cure”. DMAE is an amazing
    nutrient that works by extending the life of cells, inhibits the cross
    linking of proteins, which gives the skin a tone and firm appearance.

  • chrisiden 5 years ago

    very good recipe … also you can add a teaspoon of Vitamin C absorbic
    powder and the liquid from a Viatmin A gel …. your skin will glow and be
    vibrant :)

    ps,,, you can also add a few drops of natural lemon juice to help lighten
    age spots or you can add some swee almond oil for scent :) best wishes,

  • shereen lalla 5 years ago

    Hi can I buy from Amazon.if so guide me as to which one I should get.

  • Lisa A 5 years ago

    I just ordered pure DMAE,rose hip oil and marenga oil

  • PaceOfMind 5 years ago

    You are so sweet and empathetic to when discussing and explaining why
    products do what they do, as well as natural chemicals, I used frownies
    religiously, but not today , and probably never again, I like the DMAE
    video, this was new information for me , so THANK YOU, also I admire your
    integrity to do the research before- very important and overlooked here in
    the States. You aren’t too loud or aggressive, your voice pace is perfect
    and you seem very genuine, look forward to watching more of your videos 

  • Monica Olmos 5 years ago

    i love the easy way the you explain how make the cream i will follow you i
    hope you keep doin this for us thank you 

  • ejdf870 5 years ago

    I’m having trouble getting DMAE powder to completely dissolve. I’m thinking
    of mixing it in hot water to get it to melt. If I do this, will it affect
    DMAE’s properties in a negative way?

  • hammadi hammo 5 years ago

    Oh , I forgot to ask you if you sell bee venom or bee venom cream or serum
    , please respond me . Thank you

  • Bobby Caldwell 5 years ago

    Wednesday, May 21, 2008
    Does Dr. Perricone’s DMAE Really Tone And Tighten Skin?
    Dr. Perricone is a dermatologist who has taken the anti aging industry by
    storm. With several best-selling books and a wildly successful product
    line, Dr. Perricone is quickly becoming a house-hold name.

    One of the main ingredients in Dr. Perricone’s product line is DMAE.
    DMAE(dimethylethanolamine) is a chemical produced in the brain. DMAE has
    been used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and senility. People who
    supplement orally with DMAE have reported higher levels of concentration
    and an overall increase in energy and cognitive skills.

    For the past 6 years or so, a lot of buzz has been floating around about
    DMAE and the effect it has on aging skin-particularly sagging skin. As a
    matter of fact, DMAE as an anti aging product has become extremely popular
    as a result of Dr. Perricone’s book- “The Wrinkle Cure”. “The Wrinkle Cure”
    advocates using DMAE topically as well as orally for toned, wrinkle-free

    Many of Dr. Perricone’s clients in his book have used DMAE topically with
    almost miraculous results. Some claim that the results were almost instant,
    making their skin tighter and more toned only a few minutes after
    application. If these claims were accurate this would make DMAE one of the
    biggest anti aging breakthroughs of the century.

    As always, I decided to be my own guinea pig and try DMAE out for myself.

    You can purchase DMAE in 2 forms: DMAE bitartrate and DMAE amine. (All Dr.
    Perricone’s DMAE products contain DMAE amine.) I purchased both forms to
    see if there was any difference in the two. Here’s my experience:

    Even though I am 37 years old, I don’t have sagging skin on my face. I
    wanted to use DMAE where I would notice a viable difference in the tone of
    my skin. I decided to use it on my neck and chest where I didn’t have any
    sagging but where I did have some sun damage and change of skin texture.

    I tried the DMAE bitartrate first. I applied it every morning and evening
    right after washing my face. After using the DMAE bitartrate faithfully for
    2 weeks, I noticed no difference in the texture of my skin or in the tone.
    There was absolutely no difference in my skin-good or bad.

    It was time to give the DMAE amine a try.

    About 20 minutes after my first application, I noticed a big difference in
    my skin. It became tighter and more toned. After a few days of regular use
    (2x a day) the texture became thicker and more resilient. Naturally I was
    thrilled. I thought I had discovered a true miracle product. No other
    product I had used was able to produce these kinds of results so quickly. I
    continued to use the DMAE amine and it continued to work its magic. Very
    few anti aging products impress me-most of them are all hype. But I was
    very impressed with the results I got from the DMAE amine.

    After using the DMAE amine 2x a day for about a month, I began to notice a
    redness developing on my chest and neck. I continued to use the DMAE,
    thinking that I had come in contact with something my skin didn’t agree
    with. After 3 more days my skin got progressively worse. I developed a
    nasty rash that looked like poison ivy on the front of my neck and chest. I
    stopped using the DMAE and after a few days the rash cleared up.

    I decided to do a little more research on DMAE before using it on my skin
    again. Here’s what I found:

    DMAE bitartrate is PH balanced for skin and is less likely to cause
    irritation or rashes. Results using this form of DMAE have been mixed. Some
    people have had good results using DMAE bitartrate, but these results can
    take up to 2 months or more to take effect. Others, even after using DMAE
    bitartrate for up to a year, did not notice any beneficial difference in
    the elasticity or texture of their skin.

    DMAE amine is a pure form of DMAE and is highly alkaline. It is not good
    for the skin’s PH and may cause rashes and extreme irritation even when
    applied with a high quality moisturizer. But the results when using this
    form of DMAE have been astonishing. Skin is noticeably tighter and more
    toned in about 20 minutes- unlike the DMAE bitartrate which can take months
    to see results- if at all. And remember, all of Dr. Perricone’s subjects in
    his book have gotten their results using DMAE amine.

    I have also found evidence that DMAE, no matter what form, has a damaging
    effect on skin.

    Canadian researches have found that DMAE produces incredible results in
    skin and skin tone by damaging the very skin it is purported to help.

    How does DMAE damage skin?

    According to the researchers, when DMAE is applied to skin, it causes
    swelling of the skin cells as they fill with DMAE and water. This causes
    the epidermis to thicken. (This is what produces the toning and tightening
    effect of the skin.) DMAE has also been shown to be toxic to the skin.
    Cells stop dividing and after a 24 hour period, most of the skin cells that
    have come in contact with DMAE die.

    But before you throw away your DMAE lotions or cream, some researchers
    believe DMAE may not be as bad for your skin as you think. Even though the
    evidence is pretty strong that DMAE does in fact cause some skin damage, it
    may actually help the skin by doing so.

    The damage caused by DMAE in turn causes the skin’s healing process to kick
    in. This can improve the structure and tone of the skin, making it stronger
    and more resilient. Skin peels and Alpha Hydroxy Acids work in exactly the
    same way. There is a controlled damage to the skin followed by a healing
    process which then brings about glowing, radiant skin. (Although AHAS and
    skin peels don’t cause skin cells to die, only to repair themselves.)

    What researchers still haven’t discovered is if prolonged use of DMAE is
    actually helping the skin’s ability to renew itself or damaging the skin
    too severely for the repair process to be of any benefit. Long term studies
    still need to be performed for these questions to be answered.

    If you are currently using DMAE, especially the amine form, please pay
    attention to any changes in your skin- such as sudden irritation or redness
    or a raised rash. Remember, your skin can repair itself, but there is a
    point of no return.

    I hope this information has shed some light on DMAE and the effect it has
    on the skin. Whether you use DMAE or not is a decision you have to make on
    your own.

    The intent of this article is not to dissuade you from using DMAE nor is it
    a ringing endorsement. Use this information to make the best decision for
    you and the health of your skin.


    British Journal of Dermatology
    Posted by Julia Cortman at 1:17 PM
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  • Cynthia Diane 5 years ago

    Enjoyed your video! I have made my own night moisturizer for years. I am
    60 and need this DMAE!! I am going to the health food store tomorrow for
    DMAE powder and hemp oil. I subscribed in order to learn more. Thank you!

  • Irina Max 5 years ago

    Ho Leila, i made this cream, but DMAE making my cream running… so i use
    it as a serum… pretty affectiv… i do like it :) Is your cream get more
    liquid with DMAE ?

  • hammadi hammo 5 years ago

    I love the easy way the you explain how make the cream , I’m impatient to
    try your magical cream . I have a very dry face skin , could you please
    hepl me with some information to make it less dry ? Do you sell this
    homemade wrinkle cream ? Thank you.

  • TheBuy More 5 years ago

    Are you selling this cream? how much is a tub? would love to see before and
    after pics of your wrinkles

  • Kris Hernando 5 years ago

    Thanks so much for sharing what you have learned!:-)

  • ArtfulProductions398 5 years ago

    Thank you for making the video. I’ve used Dr. Perricone’s DMAE cream.
    It’s definitely very expensive. Can I mix DMAE with olive oil?

  • Gail Cooley 5 years ago

    I’ve already experienced a great difference. I’m experimenting
    with different creams and serums. Thank you so much, Leila. :)

  • KrazyDaiyze 5 years ago

    Two of the things that I very much appreciate are:
    1. you clearly giving instructions how to make these various creams
    combined with the information as to how each ingredient helps the skin.
    2. Even better than the first point, you offer the ingredients in ready to
    mix kits, which after some research, I found you have provided us with the
    most cost effective way to make these creams, since most of the ingredients
    need to be purchased in much larger quantities than 1 person could use
    while it is still fresh. I have purchased 2 of your ingredient kits.
    Thank you!

  • Monica Andersson 5 years ago

    Loved this, many thanks, will try cream.
    Looking forward to your E-books.

    Have a wonderful day.


  • Laura Ann Smith 5 years ago

    Thank you for making these videos available. Just subscribed and will
    check back frequently. I have recently gotten into mixing up my own skin
    care concoctions using actives I purchase from Skin Actives here in the
    States. It’s fun to take control of your own skin care and not be at the
    mercy of the big companies who water down their products. Now I have your
    channel to see what you are doing. I have been meaning to try DMAE because
    of some “loose” areas on my skin (chin, neck and yikes! jowls) but have
    been afraid to do that. Does it tighten and firm things up?

  • Soleilmoon Moonsoleil 5 years ago

    Tell me Leila, do you ever use Moringa powder in your formulas?
    I have skin very much like yours so I find your explorations invaluable.
    Thank you again!

  • Eleuza Zappa 5 years ago

    Please tell me where to buy DMAE in UK I want to make that cream . Thanks 

  • Banderuola66 5 years ago

    I think Your video was very helpful. I never heard about DMAE.
    I bought a collagene/hyaluron polver set on Ebay for to make my first
    selfmade creme, used it today for the first time. So I guess I will have to
    wait for some results. What do You think about collagene and hyaluron ?
    Will it do it’s job for antiageing ? Saw a video before here on YT, which
    said that both are harmful. Now I am confused ((

  • Sharon Morton 5 years ago

    I enjoy your comments and tips, and I appreciate your giving spirit.
    My latest and greatest tip is to massage coconut oil blended with fresh
    lemon juice and a few drops of rosemary essential oil (organic, of course)
    into your hair and leave it in for at least an hour, or even overnight.
    I’ve been doing this 5 or 6 times a week – every time I plan to wash my
    hair for the last two weeks, and my hair and scalp have never felt better.
    My hair has salon highlights which left it dry adding to the original
    frizziness issue -ugh! Now it is as soft as a toddler’s hair, it’s more
    manageable, and my scalp is no long dry and itchy.

  • Robin Krivenki 5 years ago

    Can’t wait to try it