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  • MadMadamJess 5 years ago

    @BennyJennyJ1 Oh, it’s my pleasure! I absolutely suggest starting these
    treatments in the early twenties…it’s perfectly natural and safe to try
    anti aging products at this time, you may be surprised to see your acne, if
    you have some, disappear before your very eyes! I know it happened to me
    with the FOTE Aloe Vera Gel all over my face over my moisturizer and eye
    area. I’m 28. :) xoxoxo – jess

  • MadMadamJess 5 years ago

    @shrapnel360 Garnier Ultra Lift Anti Wrinkle eye cream in the little green
    tub…affordable and effective. :) Hope this helps! xoxoxo – Jess

  • Emma Alexander 5 years ago

    Lisa,I have already bought ArganRain

  • nenaandnino 5 years ago

    Check dermatologistrx and look for biopelle auriderm illum eye cream. You
    will not need prescription. good luck!

  • Benny Jenny 5 years ago

    @MadMadamJess ok…will definitely try it…im 23 now so is it ok for me to
    try this out?…so sweet of u to reply:)

  • shrapnel360 5 years ago

    it required a prescription >.> …how about a good eye cream that you can
    get at a drug store?

  • MadMadamJess 5 years ago

    @BennyJennyJ1 Sure does! And you know what kicks it up a notch, darlin? The
    Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel…! Slather it on over whatever
    moisturizer you use all over your face AND under/around your eye area..not
    only will this duo help with bags and wrinkles, it will keep skin hydrated,
    radiant and, both products are fabulously affordable! Hope
    this helps! xoxoo – Jess

  • Benny Jenny 5 years ago

    @MadMadamJess does it get rid of bags and wrinkles? plz reply

  • Benny Jenny 5 years ago

    @MadMadamJess so gud to know…how much does it cost…and where can i get
    it from?