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LifeCell Anti Aging Skin Cream Review – A 30-Day Trial of LifeCell Wrinkle Cream. Click Here To Get: ==> LIFECELL ALL-IN-ONE CREAM 30 DAYS FREE TRIAL Now! <==

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  • leila roberts 6 years ago

    Hi Mariana now you can find all my video tutorials, DIY kits and lots of
    information on my facebook page. DIY Skincare Bee Delicious

  • ericasharay8 6 years ago

    Wow…you are amazing. The fact that you do so much research alone amazes
    me! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, what a blessing to other
    people! I do research myself and have never spent money on store bought
    chemically processed creams and never will! Do you have a website? I don’t
    have a Facebook , but would like to see your products and learn more from

  • Hi. First I want to thank you for this great video, and that you are
    sharing your knowledge of wrinkle control. Re the DMAE, can I use the
    coenzymized 350mg with PAK and Pantothenic Acid dietary supplements? I
    could only find the capsules, and was thinking I could open then to get the
    required measurements? I hope you see this, I only have 30 days to
    return. Thx!

  • androshi 6 years ago

    here is 1 of my tips- i didnt have any money for vit C cream so i took 2
    vitamin C pills ,crushed them into powder,added it 2 my olive oil and then
    mixed it like crazy and then at night time i used it on my face and i felt
    the skin working after 10 face looked more plumper where it
    needed 2 B-and i looked maybe 5 years younger.the results lasted for 4
    days.cannot B used in the day time though only night

  • Barbara Williams 6 years ago

    I just watched your Bee Venom video. Where do you sell the kit. 

  • Camille Vendryes 6 years ago

    Hi Leila, i did some research i like what i see so i am going to order this
    100% pure dmae where did you order yours and whats the brand name?, thanks

  • Ladytrucker67 6 years ago

    Oh yesssss, very much so wanna see more of this.. have spent so much money
    on stuff for my face & neck, I think it would be awesome to make my
    own…gonna have to see this again, but I subscribed as of just now…would
    love to try this…when ya get my age your game for tryin anything to stay
    young lookin..thanks

  • martyca6 6 years ago

    What will work on scars, and burns?
    Thanks in advance

  • Lux Chevis 6 years ago

    I think you should keep making videos. You come off refreshingly honest and
    genuinely helpful.

  • Lee Ingrid 6 years ago

    DMAE with aloe vera gel:
    May I know if I can use the raw aloe vera gel those straight from the
    supermarket and harvested???

  • D.L. Newton 6 years ago

    Great Vid! Do you ever mix Alpha Lipoic acid and Vitamin C Ester into this?

  • Onali Ismail 6 years ago

    HI, I can’t find the link for the cosmetic grade DMAE. can u pls sed it to

  • amita bharadwaj 6 years ago

    Hey…. I never new that this could be done at home.thanx for this amazing
    video.I ll try and let u know how was it.Thanx

  • Jillian Houston 6 years ago

    Wow…how exciting to find out I can make my very own anti aging creme. My
    bathroom cabinet looks like a chemist with all the different creme’s I
    have purchased with the promise of seeing magical results within hours or
    days!!!! My husband is going to be very happy that I will no longer be
    swiping his credit card on another bogus product. I look forward to
    following your recipe’s. Thank you.

  • Beat Nubbie 6 years ago

    this made my friend crazy

  • mla808 6 years ago

    Very interesting video. Would love to see more : )

  • jay Justme 6 years ago

    what is dmae I would like to know what I am putting on my face never heard
    of this product before. please explain what it is???

  • Tanya Pham 6 years ago

    Do you have a tip for skin lightener for dark spot?

  • Annel Hill 6 years ago

    Thanks so much for the time you take to create your skin care products and
    to pass on the knowledge to all who are interested in making their own
    homeopathic creams! <3

  • Giustina Sereno 6 years ago

    Hello Leila,
    thanks for the advice. I am a young 42 year old female Italian;) I would
    like to know if the DMAE can be added to any cream or lotion or you can use
    just as you indicated.

  • Julia Holland 6 years ago

    I thought this demonstration, was very exciting. Thank you :-)

  • Luisa Zuccato 6 years ago

    i loved your video i sure would like a free sample of your skin cream too

  • anisha hamilton 6 years ago

    wonderful video.. thank you for this…does 100% have side effects? also how
    long have you been using DMAE?

  • Adolph Gonzalez 6 years ago

    The power of knowledge thank you very much madam! i just made my 1st dose
    with St. ives collagen elastic body lotion they were out of the facial :(
    so mixed the body lotion with dmea and veg. glycerin with vita c. its
    curing 4 a few hours. couldn’t find hemp seed body butter locally using
    amazon pequi body butter for now. Btw you are very beautiful lady God was
    showing off when he created you. C: you look fabulous. Thanks for recipe.
    Sinceremente, Valetin

  • leila roberts 6 years ago

    Thanks hope you enjoy the results :)

  • Can you use glycerin instead of vegetable glycerin? I”m just starting to use your products. Heard great stuff about it.