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Revitol Anti Aging Skin Cream Review – Buy Revitol Anti-Wrinkle Cream.

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  • Mislac 54 5 years ago

    Im 16 year old BOY and i have those marks:(

  • MissJessyeNorman 5 years ago

    I would try that, but the ones on my thighs eventually faded. The only ones
    I have left are from my breasts growing too quickly during puberty–and I
    just can’t fathom rolling tiny spikes of any length over my breasts, lol.
    *Sigh*, I’ll just have to continue being an imperfect human being ;)

  • KaiSoo96 5 years ago

    I uh…think I’m gonna skip the derma roller…I’m just not hardcore enough
    for that lol
    But thank you for the tips, I will be definitely buying that revitol stuff.

  • Melissa Valenzuela V 5 years ago

    I want to thank you so much for this video. Ive been trying it and i can
    see massive differences. 

  • kelly frost 5 years ago

    hey guys….. i also have stretchmarks on my thighs….. its so
    embarrassing that i cant even wear my shorts on a hot day… can anyone plz
    just send me that cream that removes them….. i am in Namibia and we do
    not have that here… plz plz…. i would really appreciate it…..

  • Vanity Lane 5 years ago

    I used the derma roller you recommended. Quality isnt that great. Bought
    roller with red light LED photon, the 3mm…..this finaly did yhe job
    but takes couple months

  • Karen Valencia 5 years ago

    Honestly if your marks are still a red or purple color, you’re so lucky!
    Why? Because they’re newer, therefore easier to remove-even vigorous
    applications of Palmers Cocoa butter or any cream will erase them as soon
    as a month. I only wish I had taken the chance to attend to mine when they
    were that color, but instead I ignored them as a teenager and within time
    now as an adult they’re white, thick, and the texture is awful. I have them
    ALL over my breasts and butt but I’m trying this method out. I’m 2 days
    into the dermaroller and I already see an improvement! Yeah it hurts
    although I barley bleed, and it feels like a tattoo needle, but if it’s
    giving me temporary pain for permanent results, it’s definitely worth it to
    me. I’m ready to get rid of my insecurities. 

  • I am me 5 years ago

    I will try this. Thank you for sharing it. I’ve been hiding my strechmark
    at the back of my legs too and it’s been there since I had my period for
    over 10years. 

  • shannon meha 5 years ago

    res your pictures of before and after

  • Maite Mena 5 years ago

    Is this something I should do while I am still pregnant (exfoliate part not
    derma roll)…or should I wait until after I give birth

  • Idanya Morgan 5 years ago

    “Than most doctors” not then most doctors….

  • Monica S. Bak 5 years ago

    You possibly can fix Stretch Marks without surgery in less than 2 months

  • FRANX 5 years ago

    In this video all the Stretch Marks are red and not white ones. Think about

  • Courtney Sawyer 5 years ago

    How long DoD it take to notice a difference? 

  • Caitlin Anderson 5 years ago

    You may heal Stretch Marks without surgery in less than 2 months naturally

  • Laurie Beth H 5 years ago

    That’s not what makes the derma roller work. It makes you body produce
    collagen to heal the skin. Collagen=youthful skin. 

  • Ryan Heinzl 5 years ago

    you may bleed but thats ok.

  • Ikeashia Barr 5 years ago

    Can you use this method while pregnant to avoid Stretch Marks?

  • lupita rivera 5 years ago

    What mositerizer did u use

  • Drererere Derererere 5 years ago

    There is nothing that can remove Stretch Marks, NOTHING ask any
    dermatologist. You cannot remove scar tissue unless you go under the
    knife. Anyone who tells otherwise wants your money, don’t be a sucka. At
    most this method will lessen the look but they will always be there.
    Glycolic acid method is probably the only method that comes close to
    physically removing stretch marks and that’s because the acid literally
    burns them away but even that is iffy. Also laser just hides them.

  • kristyloverocks 5 years ago

    Omg! This video gives me hope that I can remove my
    8-years-stomach-stretchmarks!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Jessica Wijaya 5 years ago

    Thankyou for giving me hope :”) i’m just about to gave up

  • hershey blanco 5 years ago

    Hi there! so the derma roller is after you take a shower?

  • Gzim Jashari 5 years ago

    exfoliate whats that I dont understand how to do this can you wxplain this
    with some easier words I tried to google it but it doesnt make sense

  • Angel Nicole 5 years ago

    I recently just bougt everything so I could try this out. When I got
    pregnant with my son, I got stretch marls on my hips so I will post on my
    channel before & after photos.