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Revitol Anti Aging Skin Cream Review – Buy Revitol Anti-Wrinkle Cream.

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  • Khaula B 5 years ago

    you know i used this line 2 yrs ago…. i was very happy with my skin … i
    regret that i didnt continue to use the white lucent gel that i think made
    my skin healthy and even that everybody noticed… thanks to you , im
    telling you that im gonna buy the range and use it again

  • curien 5 years ago

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  • LifeWithPeach 5 years ago

    haha thank you! i’m just really passionate… almost obsessed about
    skincare (because I use to have really bad skin)

  • Kristel Dela Rosa 5 years ago

    would you say the intensive spot targeting serum is essential in over all
    lightening of your skintone? or could i do without it as long as i use the
    cleanser, softener and lotion? thanks <3

  • LifeWithPeach 5 years ago

    no, it does not :(

  • browneyedgirl1100 5 years ago

    Thank you for replying to me!!! i bought the emulsion:) How many pumps do
    you use? I use half a pump and dot it over my face, and wait half an hour.
    Then I use one pump and massage it over my face. How do you apply it? Thank
    you so much for all the great info!!!

  • browneyedgirl1100 5 years ago

    Hi, thank you so much for the video:) If you could only get one product,
    between the brightening moisturizing emulsion and the brightening
    moisturizing cream, which one would you get? Do they both have the same

  • LifeWithPeach 5 years ago

    yes, i wear it under my makeup. I wait like 5min before i but on makeup so
    that the skincare products are not so sticky. if you still feel wet or
    sticky after 5min just use oil bolting paper.

  • faye0003 5 years ago

    I wanna know if the toner tends to clear ur skin and prevent it from acne?

  • Pokemon Master 5 years ago

    how old are you?

  • Kristel Dela Rosa 5 years ago

    i see..thanks so muuuch! <3 awesome videos!

  • LifeWithPeach 5 years ago

    its for both night and day, they make a lotion with SPF15 for day time, and
    a lotion without SPF for night, but everything else from the line can be
    use for both :)

  • 0876torres 5 years ago

    Is it okay to use under makeup? I have the whole white lucent line, but, I
    dunno if it’s okay to use under make up, I sometimes use foundation, if not
    just powder, what steps would u recommend?

  • crystalbeauty 5 years ago

    you are really cute, keep the videos coming^^

  • Willow Tree 5 years ago

    Wow that’s a very nice start on the video I’m actually surprised you can
    talk about one product and have so much to say that’s awesome, that makes
    me look awful lol awesome video :)

  • LifeWithPeach 5 years ago

    the emulsion absorbs into the skin giving it moisture, the cream kind of
    sits on the skin so it gives moisture and locks it in, but i feel the cream
    is a little too heavy for me. so i like the emulsion best.

  • 0876torres 5 years ago

    Is this skin care line more night routine ?

  • LifeWithPeach 5 years ago

    thank you.

  • poorna143 5 years ago

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  • LifeWithPeach 5 years ago

    no, i think you would only need that serum if you have sun stops. for the
    overall lightening, just cleanser + softener + lotion would be fine. hope
    this works for you :)

  • LifeWithPeach 5 years ago

    i use to have very oily skin, and now that i am older i have combination
    skin, i enjoy using this line for both skin types, but if you are more on
    the oily side, i think its better to not use their thicker lotions, stick
    to the light stuff like their Softeners. Please keep in mind that if you
    are trying to lighten your skin, you would have to use the cleanser,
    softener, and lotion altogether to see a big difference. i hope this was
    helpful, good luck.

  • Fern Mahuttanasopol 5 years ago

    I like your voice :)

  • Bomin Kim 5 years ago

    I wanted to try these products. Thank you for the review!

  • LifeWithPeach 5 years ago


  • LifeWithPeach 5 years ago

    thank you so much!